Behind every company’s data there are many stories! 

We help companies understand these stories by pairing Artificial Intelligence with Human IntelligenceBy leveraging our advanced analytics, companies can:


Decode customer sentiment.

Identify drivers of customer behavior

Analyze market dynamics

Identify variables impacting growth

Our Capabilities

We are experts in linking structured (transactional information) & unstructured (social media, reviews, surveys, forums, customer care, etc.) data and generating diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive insights. The insights we generate help our clients to significantly enhance the brand / product experiences of their customers:

1. Understand customer behavior 2. Take proactive actions 3. Monitor & calibrate strategies.

Our Centers of Excellence

Structured Data Analytics

We analyze internal (transactional – sales, financial and operational) data & external (market, third party syndicated) data to help our clients in the areas of price optimization, sales / demand forecasting, marketing mix analysis, market structures, market basket analysis etc. We leverage both traditional / statistical and machine learning methodologies to generate the insights and analysis. 

Unstructured Data Analytics

 We extract granular customer insights from unstructured data (social media, review sites, call center transcripts, emails, forums, blogs etc.). We have developed a cutting-edge, highly sophisticated framework incorporating deep learning techniques to mine vast amounts of consumer conversations to identify the positive and negative drivers of sentiments behind category, brand and product conversations.

Our Core Services

Customer Insights

Identify, understand and predict drivers of customer behavior. Analyze brand perception & customer loyalty. Optimize customer path to purchase. Understand which customer groups are most vocal within category, brand and product conversations.

Market Insights

Analyze trends in market. Identify competitive threats. Develop market profile – demographic, psychographic and economic attributes. Identify brands that are winning in share of voice and share of interactions.  

Strategy Optimization

Develop strategies to optimize Sales & Marketing effectiveness.  Develop experiments and models to test and evaluate champion / challenger strategies.

To get the right answer one has to ask the right question

Some of the questions we help companies answer

What are the attributes & behaviors of customers?

What are the drivers  behind brand conversations?

Which segments are most vocal within a brand conversation?

What are the current and future competitive trends & threats?

Which brands are winning in share of voice and share of interactions?

Where is future growth coming from?

What are the drivers of sales and marketing campaigns?

How to optimize customer loyalty?

What is the optimal path to purchase?

Unlock brand value by mining customer conversations 

Customer Conversations Platform Functionality

Advanced data extraction and data integration

Sophisticated Deep Learning, Machine Learning & Natural language Processing algorithms

Synthesize conversations

Custom taxonomy

Advanced visualization

Cloud based platform

Minimal client IT involvement

Insights are delivered near real time


A few examples of our recent work with structured and unstructured data

We have expertise in multiple domains!

Our clients have used our platform and services to enhance:

Customer Experience, Operational Efficiencies, Personalized Marketing, Sales Effectiveness, Workforce Productivity and Real Time Analysis & Decision Making.

We develop custom solutions for our clients

We have a track record of delivering value to our clients demonstrated by the development and implementtation of numerous multi-million dollar growth and savings initiatives

Best in class infrastructure

Significant domain experience and industry knowledge

Sophisticated development lab

Rapid Deployment

Advanced skills in data manipulation, data analysis and analytical model development


Client Projects


Incremental Revenue (millions)  Generated For Clients 


Cost Savings (millions) Generated for clients


Industries Served

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